Hydraulic / Piping Analysis

Red Wolf Associates performs steady-state and transient pipe flow analyses to support a variety of applications. Modeling of pumps, valves, tanks, and other supporting components is also performed.  Examples of types of analyses performed include:

  • Gas intrusion / Gas transport470685 61763956 small
  • Water hammer
  • NPSH
  • Flow balancing
  • Transient system response

Typical hydraulic calculations such as NPSH, flow balancing, equipment modifications, etc. are performed by Red Wolf Associates. Our staff can produce transient NPSH calculations to evaluate and maximize NPSH margin, especially during tank to sump swapover. These calculations can be completed using stand-alone evaluations or coupled with a containment model to credit pressurization as needed to meet NPSHR.

Our personnel also have created hydraulic models of other piping such as chilled water systems and fire protection systems to evaluate the impact of component failure or piping obstructions. Using a hydraulic model that has been benchmarked to design or test conditions, the off-design condition or proposed modification can be evaluated using the model to assess the impact on critical system parameters such as pressures, flow rates, etc. If the system includes a heat exchanger or cooling coil the impact on the heat transfer can often be coupled with the piping model to maximize margin. The Red Wolf Associates staff has considerable experience completing these analyses to support plant modifications, past, current, and future operability evaluations, etc.

Specialized Piping Analysis